Stepper for signing into your Chromebook:

·       You will need two items to log into your Chromebook: 1) Your student ID number-this will be your username. 2) And a password that you will create.

·       If this is your first-time logging onto your Chromebook, ask your advisor to provide you with your initial/temporary password.

·       When you turn your Chromebook on you will need to put in your username, this is the first part of your school district email address, your ID number. For example: is my school district email address, my username is 1234567.

·       The first password will be provided by the district/advisor.

·       Once you log in the first time you will then be prompted to change your password and answer some security questions in case you forget your password.

·       Follow the prompts and create your password.

·       Log back on and enjoy what the district has provided.