Cell Phone Policy

Letter from AS Brown concerning cell phones link.

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Network 13 Cell Phone Expectations

The use of cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited inside the school. In August, ALL students will receive and be responsible for a pouch to place their cell phones while they attend school. Once students receive their pouches, they will receive a tutorial on the usage of the pouches. Students will have to place their cell phones in their pouches before scanning their IDs as they enter the building. Pouches will need to be unlocked at the end of the day as students dismiss the building. All calls home to parents or guardians can be made with permission from an adult using a landline.

If pouches are damaged or lost, students will be charged the price of a replacement pouch. The cost is $10.00. Failure to comply will result in restriction from bringing a cell phone to school.

If student is found in possession of a phone, he/she will receive a more severe consequence followed by a parent conference and behavioral contract.

ANY student found using a cell phone during school hours will receive the following consequence:

1st offense – confiscation of phone. Parents will be contacted.
2nd offense – confiscation, detention, and parent meeting. Phone will be returned to a parent/guardian only.
3rd offense – confiscation of cell phone, and restriction from bringing a cell phone to the building for the year. Parent/guardian must pick-up the cell phone, and they are the ONLY person(s) who will receive the phone. Behavioral contract must be signed by parent and student.

*No earbuds, earphones, headphones, beats, pods or chargers can be seen in the building. Failure to comply will result in items being confiscated and only returned to a parent.

Please be advised that John Bartram High School will not be liable for any item that has been confiscated by school police or administration, or has been lost or stolen. The school will not pay to replace any lost or stolen items.