District Transportation Policy


The Department of Transportation identifies students who are eligible for transpasses.  Their names appear on a computer print out each week.  Students must attend school regularly in order to be issued their transpass for the following week of school.  Students must show their JBHS ID cards and sign for receipt of transpass.  Here is the procedure:  JBHS Transpass Distribution

  • The school cannot replace lost or stolen transpass.
  • Students with excessive Class Cuts will have their transpasses pulled for Detentions & Mandatory Parent Conferences on a as needed basis.

Proper Use of Transpasses:

  • Transpasses are only intended for use by the student, to whom it was issued.
  • Transpasses may only be used for travel to and from school, from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
  • Transpasses may not be used during holidays or days when school is not open.
  • If your address changes, please contact your counselor to update your address and verify your eligibility for a transpass.



Cell phones, Ipods, and all electronic devices must remain in student’s backpack while in the building.  If you need to contact your child during the day, please contact the Main Office at 215-400-8100.

Submission During Morning Entry:

Portable Speakers are a nuisance to the instructional process.  They are not allowed in the building.  If they are brought to school, they will be confiscated at the scan.  Administration will collect and store the devices until dismissal, whereupon each will be returned to the students using their ID cards to verify ownership.

Early-Out Rosters/Early Dismissal Seniors:

Seniors who have rosters with fewer than seven periods, or any students who have parent-approved early dismissals can retrieve their device from the main office at the time of their departure.

Electronic Device Usage for Instructional Purposes:

With approval of the classroom teacher, students may be allowed to use their personal electronic devices to support their instructional practices.  All students are expected to comply with the teacher’s class rules at all times.  Improper usage of devices will have an adverse effect on a student’s grade.  Also, videotaping or any other improper usage of an electronic will constitute disciplinary action as stated in the School District of Philadelphia’s Code of Conduct.  A Mandatory Parent Conference will be held for those that continually violate this policy.