Project Lyft

I am writing on behalf of the Project Lyft program here at Bartram.  We are doing a project around hygiene.  We would like to ask for the following donations so we can make hygiene packets to keep in our lyft room, room 207, and have them available for students who may need it.  We appreciate any donation!  If you can donate, please feel free to drop your donations in our Lyft Hygiene donation box located in the main office.

Thank you.

1.  Deodorant
2.  Toothpaste and toothbrush
3.  Hair Comb
4.  Body Lotion
5.  Feminine Products


Our project lyft group is looking to do some community projects this year.  We are looking to do at least 10-20 hygiene packets this month to have on hand for any student who may need something.  In November, we are looking to donate 1-2 Thanksgiving Baskets.  This will be alongside our WOB!  In December, we are looking to do a Tree of Warmth.  We want to give back to our community!   We will keep you all posted on our projects!



Gold Rays Welcome letter to Students Letterhead 2021

Project LYFT Program Application